Angle Iron Retrofits-Will they work?

By Howard Cook, Founder and General Manager of Bay Area Retrofit

Angle Iron Retrofits.

This video discusses an ineffective and untested retrofit method that your contractor or engineer may recommend.  It is always best only to use retrofit hardware and methods that are based on testing.  Otherwise, what will happen is anyone’s guess.  The information in this video was created after consultations with numerous structural engineers, especially Bay Area based Thor Matteson, and Josh Kardon Ph.D.  Both of these structural engineers told me they would be happy to tell people about them if you want to call them.   Kelly Cobeen was kind enough to do actual calculations regarding their effectiveness.  In addition numerous structural engineers were kind enough to answer questions I had about their efficacy.  In addition, Buddy Showalter with the American Wood Council, the largest wood products research center in the world, was willing to give his expert opinion.  All of whom are highly distinguished structural engineers in the field of wood seismic retrofitting.

Angle Iron 2

Angle Iron


Below is a construction detail drawn by a civil engineer specifying an angle iron brace

Angle Iron




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