Hayward Fault Location: Where is my house in relation to an earthquake fault?

By Howard Cook, Founder and General Manager of Bay Area Retrofit

  How close am I to an active fault?San Andreas Fault

The United States Geological Survey collaborated with Google Maps to help homeowners determine exactly where their house is in relation to any of the known earthquake faults in the Bay Area.  This is how you do it:

STEP 1: Download Google Earth Pro

STEP 2:  go to this webpage.

STEP 3:  Using Chrome you will see a page that looks like this.  Click where shown by the red arrow

Page 1 Link








STEP 4: Now you will see a small box on the bottom left hand corner of the same page.  Click on the down arrow

Open Earth




If you use Firefox you will see this.  Click OK or Enter



STEP 5: Google Earth will now open.   The blue lines are the Bay Area’s known earthquake faults.

Full Screen


















STEP 6: On the sidebar you should only have the arrowed boxes checked.  You may need to scroll to the bottom of the sidebar to see this list.

Sidebar with arrows


















STEP 7: Type your address into the Search Bar on the upper left and hit Search

Search Bar






For example: if we type in 2981 Russell St. and hit search you will see this.  The grayed out area designates the Alquist Priolo Special Studies Zone where surface ruptures have occurred in the past.  It is important to understand there may be unknown faults, just as the Northridge earthquake occurred on a fault previously unknown to geologists.

2981 Russell Street






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