Hayward Fault Location: Where is my house in relation to an earthquake fault?

By Howard Cook, Founder and General Manager of Bay Area Retrofit

Earthquake Probabilities in the Bay Area

Homes in the Bay Area have the distinction of being in or near the Alquist Priolo Special Studies Zone where surface ruptures can literally tear a home apart.  This is a photo of a fault that ruptured in Southern California.  The red arrow points to a splinter fault which are common offshoots from the San Andreas and Hayward Faults.  Fault tracing is a difficult enterprise.  No one knew the Northridge Fault, which devastated much of Southern California in 1994, even existed until the earthquake occurred.

Below is a graph from the  UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory.  The laboratory also publishes a FAQ page that will tell you everything you want to know about our earthquake potential.


 How close am I to the Hayward and other known Faults?

Cal Stadium

                                             Fault line going through the UC Collisseum.

The Bay Area is riddled with many of the most dangerous earthquake faults according to this PBS report.  Furthermore the United States Geological Survey collaborated with Google Maps to help homeowners determine exactly where their house is in relation to the Hayward Fault; the most dangerous fault in the country.  This is how you do it:

STEP 1: Download Google Earth Pro

STEP 2:  go to this webpage.

STEP 3:  Click where shown by the red arrow

Hayward Tour







STEP 4: Type your address into the Search Bar on the upper left and hit Search

Search Bar





For example: if we type in 2981 Russell St. and hit search you will see this.  The grayed out area designates the Alquist Priolo Special Studies Zone where surface ruptures have occurred in the past. that could literally tear your house apart.  The yellow line represents the distance between the two edges of this Zone which is 1 miles.











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