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As-Built Plans in Soft Story Retrofits

San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley have a number of soft story buildings that need retrofits.  Before starting you should buy some as-built plans. As-built plans are drawings that illustrate conditions of the EXISTING building.

They tell your engineer how much earthquake resistance the soft story building already has and and lets him know how much more earthquake retrofitting  it needs to meet the San Francisco  soft story mandate.  The is the critical step of your soft story retrofit so don’t try and save a buck here.  Get a good set of as-built plans and your soft story earthquake retrofit will go much smoother at less cost.

Rather than paying your engineer $175.00 an hour to do something he does not do every day, you can pay a specialist much less and get a better product.  In addition, when they come from an engineer they are usually considered his property that you cannot share with anyone else.

When you have your as-built plans in hand, you can schedule appointments with engineers and even email them a PDF of your as-built plans so they can give you some idea of cost even before coming out.

Here are two large companies who do this work.  There are also some good local companies   Let me know if you would like some names.

Areas Served

San Jose,Sunnyvale, Fremont,Oakland,Berkeley
And Surrounding Areas


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