How to Read your Retrofit Proposal from Jeff – VIDEO

What does my Proposal Mean?

Jeff and Rachel have now sent you your proposal. This video shows how to read it.   It is VERY important to do this, even if you go over it a few times.  PLEASE call if a part of it is not clear. Our desire is to make sure you know what your money is buying you.  We want you to know what we plan to do, where we plan to do it, and why we are doing it.

You may get a retrofit proposal that does not have a sketch that shows what goes where.  Nor will they have an easy to grasp written outline of the process with links to webpages will make things clear.  Many bids have things in them you have never heard of such as “load path” “mudsill” or “floor joist”.  If you don’t know what these things are, there is no way to know what you are paying for. I have read reports like this many times and I don’t know what they mean to say either.

You may read the earthquake will demolish your house if you do not do what they recommend.   The author saw only one house torn down when he worked for FEMA.  Insurance companies pay to have houses lifted and rebuilt because it is much cheaper.  This is a scare tactic.  This does not mean you will not suffer a huge financial loss.  It only means it will not be total and this is a scare tactic.

The Estimate

As part of your bid you might get a few pages of text that are hard to understand.  You might also find a cost break down that looks something like this chart.   How are you supposed to know what “Transfer Blocking” “Seismic Ties” or a “CST Strap” are? I don’t even know what a transfer block is and I have been at this for 22 years.

This does not mean the quality of work will be inferior, it just means they haven’t had time to put all this together in an east to understand format.  Best to have him come over in person and answer the what, why, and where questions. Again, it does not mean they are not  fine well informed retrofit specialists.   In fact, he opposite might be true. Only you can tell after doing the research.

I hope the information on this website and the links to outside sources will help you understand anyone’s bid, no matter whose it is. Use this website.  It helps people make sense of the proposals they receive.    If something in our proposal is not clear please let me know so I can address it for the benefit of future clients.

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