Quality of Cripple Wall Framing

Quality of Cripple Wall Framing

Older homes were built with old growth Douglas Fir and redwood that was centuries old.  This wood has very different properties compared to wood grown on modern tree farms.  The old wood is much denser and is very difficult to split compared to  tree farm lumber.  For this reason the retrofit guidelines found in the International Existing Building Code, the Bay Area.s Standard Plan A, Seattle’s Project Impact,and  the Los Angeles Retrofit Building Code only allow 8d nails spaced no closer than 4 inches apart.  Old growth lumber should always be used whenever possible because it can easily be nailed with larger 10d nails 2 inches apart on the edges without splitting.Pnoto: Flush cut sill is best for earthquake retrofits

Seismically Bracing a Failing Cripple Wall Photo

If the initial shock does not collapse the cripple wall, an after shock might. In the photo below, a  man trying to prevent his already leaning cripple wall from fully collapsing in an after shock.

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