What are people saying about Bay Area Retrofit?

I could pick and choose testimonials that will say nothing but good about us, but I think the most honest approach is to show you the good, the bad, and the ugly as found on YELP, Angie’s List, and Google.  We have 47 reviews on YELP with an overall 4+ Five Start rating, 18 Five Star reviews on Anglie’s list, 1 Five Star, and one One Star (which we deserved) and 14 Five Star reviews on Google.  Direct links to these review sites are below.

A few of the bad ones are genuinely our fault, a few are because we had impossible clients who any contractor would have given a Minus 1 Star review to if they could, but most of them boiled down to poor communication.  A recent client used the threat of writing a bad YELP review as an extortion tool!  We were not going to be brow beaten so they did exactly what they promised.

When there are communication problems each side blames the other and does not want to see their part.  We don’t find blaming our unhappy clients very productive.   We look through our email records and get facts from our employees to try and find out why they are upset.  Usually it is because client’s do not read our proposals or follow up emails carefully.   Incomplete understanding of our proposals is fertile soil for future misunderstandings.  PLEASE read yours carefully and let me know if something is not clear.

Sometimes we can only scratch our heads and say “We could not have been any clearer than that!”, and don’t understand why they did not understand.  They probably say the same about us!  In any case,  in 100% of the cases when we get blamed .

Usually when we go back through our notes to see if we were in fact to blame we usually find written contradictions to what they have said about us in these reviews.  Not always, but almost always.  If you want to hear our side of the story on the bad YELP reviews please read our short responses.  Otherwise feel free to email me and I can further explain what happened.

We are like every business or every person for that matter, we don’t always do everything perfectly.  The reasons include being in higher demand than we can sometimes keep up with.  Often we take longer than expected which upsets people but we refuse to cut corners just to hurry things up.   When the earthquake hits, people will be happy we took all the time necessary.

We make sure a job is done well even if we lose money and this can cause delays in completion times.  Unfortunately, clients often think that because we are there longer than we had expected, we don’t know what we are doing.  In any event we and our clients are human beings who make mistakes and misunderstandings do happen.

We are aware our work might preserve your life’s savings and maybe even save your life.  We take this responsibility very seriously and therefore will do the very best job we possibly can no matter how much expensive overtime we end up using.

Angie’s List

Angie’s List won’t let you see the reviews without paying them.  The only thing they will let you see can be see here, which does not tell you much.  Here is a screen shot of the information available to the business owner and paid subscribers.  Angies List uses a graded system where A is for outstanding service and F is for terrible service.  We have eighteen As, one B, and one F, which unfortunately in this case we totally deserved for not showing up when we said we would.  It is the same 1 star on YELP where we completely failed in every way.

Graph showing 19 Five Star Reviews for Bay Area Retrofit



On Yelp we have a 4+Star rating.  I have responded to the 1 Star reviews so please read them to get our side of the story.  These are found at the bottom of each review.

 Google Reviews

For our 14 Five Star Google reviews go to this page.