What are people saying about Bay Area Retrofit?

I could pick and choose testimonials that will say nothing but good about us but I think the most honest approach is to show you the good, the bad, and the ugly as found on YELP, Angie’s List, and Google.  We have a 4+ rating overall but there are some reviews that are not so pretty.  You need to know about these as well.

We are like every business or every person for that matter, we don’t always do everything perfectly.  The reasons include being in higher demand than we can sometimes keep up with, our refusal to cut corners to the point we make sure a job is done well even if we lose money (this can cause delays),  and because behind this website and all the glamorous attempts to convince people we are the best in the business (and with some study I think you will agree) we are human beings who make mistakes.

We are aware our work might preserve your life’s savings and maybe even save your life.  We take this responsibility very seriously and therefore will do the very best job we possibly can.

Angie’s List

Angie’s List won’t let you see the reviews without paying them.  The only thing they will let you see can be see here, which does not tell you much.  Here is a screen shot of the information available to the business owner and paid subscribers.  Angies List uses a graded system where A is for outstanding service and F is for terrible service.  We have eighteen As, one B, and one F, which unfortunately in this case we totally deserved for not showing up when we said we would.  It is the same 1 star on YELP where we completely failed in our communication.

Graph showing 19 Five Star Reviews for Bay Area Retrofit



On Yelp we have a 4+Star rating.  I have responded to the 1 Star reviews so please read them to get our side of the story.  These are found at the bottom of each review.

 Google Reviews

For our Google reviews go to this page.

As of now we have 12 five star reviews on Google

Areas Served

San Jose,Sunnyvale, Fremont,Oakland,Berkeley
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