Videos on Residential Seismic Retrofitting

There is nothing like watching a video on retrofitting to make the subject of seismic retrofit principles and practice of residential seismic retrofitting understandable.  Foundation bolts, hold downs, cripple wall bracing with plywood, earthquake engineering, the retrofit of old foundations, and ineffective retrofit methods are all the found in these videos  These videos on seismic retrofitting will provide you with most of the information you will need to evaluate bids from contractors and decide exactly what your house needs and why.  You will find videos that describe retrofitting your specific type of house, whether it be a dangerous hillside home retrofit or a simple retrofit of a square house on a flat lot.  Other videos explore problems with defective retrofit techniques common in Bay Area seismic upgrades, even with structural engineer approvals. A very interesting video is on the testing of earthquake resisting hardware that shows the effects of an earthquake on the contents and structure when placed on a massive shake table.  After watching these videos the concepts of overturning, the purpose of foundation bolts, load paths, and the best way to prevent injuries should be clear.

Seismic Retrofit Techniques and Solutions

Old Foundations

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Retrofit your Cripple Walls into Shear Walls

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Hold Downs and Overturning

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Earthquake Retrofit Engineering

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Review of Seismic Retrofit Concepts

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Angle Iron Retrofits

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Misconceptions about Retrofitting

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Testing is Everything

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Cripple Wall Retrofits

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No Cripple Wall 2
My house was built before 1956 on a flat lot

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No Cripple Wall New
My house was built after 1956 on a flat lot

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Soft Story House
My house has a living area above a garage

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My house was built on a hillside

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When the shaking starts what do you do?

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Interviewed on PBS and the Newshour

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Video thumbnail for youtube video Video-Your Seismic Retrofit Proposal and our Retrofit Design
Meet our founder

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